My ultimate shop vac!
When I bought my big Genie years ago, I wanted the biggest canister they had. I intended to use it on my 5hp shaper for raised panel doors and on my twin router table for styles and rails.

I have a new Jet dust collector but I use it on my table saw and drum sander. Using it on the shaper just fills it way too fast and these things are a REAL pain to empty! Decided that using the shop vac for these 2 tools was the fastest way to get it done.

It has worked fine for many years. But the thing that always bugged me was the small opening where the motor sat. The opening is 12" and the diameter of the canister is almost 2 FEET! I usually forget to ck it and end up filling it to the brim with sawdust. Then trying to empty it is a real chore. I take the top off, pull a 33gallon bag over it, tip it upside down while holding it with my left arm and shaking and shaking and shaking trying to get the impacted sawdust out. Usually I have to hold the bag with my right hand, then try to release the suction in the trash bag in hopes the sawdust would fall out. Fat chance! Next I end up putting my arm up in the canister and try to dig out the sawdust while trying to hold the bag on and usually end up with a huge mess and a face full of sawdust when it finally lets go.

I decided there has to be a better way. I decided to try a regular trash can with the trash bag already in the can! I knew I'd have the bag to fight because it flew around inside the can. I also knew i'd have to keep the trash can from collapsing since this Genie motor is a real killer! I made up a test model with my old plastic trash can and a piece of 1/4" Melimie for the motor to sit on. Added the bag and tried it. As expected, the bag got in the way and it did not work well.

Here is my prototype.

I then looked around for something to keep the bag in place and remembered I had some Tomato plant holders out back. I got one and cut off the top ring and then did a "modify-to-fit" on it.

Here is the doo-dad. (worked fine too!)

Next I put it in the can and gave it another try. It worked perfectly. Once the bag gets about 1/4 full, it's fine from then on. Now that I had the idea down and thought I could make it work, it was off to Home Depot for a new can and trash bags.

I originally planned on using a metal can but after looking at them, decided to try the larger plastic one instead. The metal can lid had all kinds of ridges and I figured trying to seal the motor housing would be next to impossible. I also figured that IF it ever did collapse from the suction, it would not be fixable. I settled on a 32gallon plastic can. The lit is dead flat and the perfect size for the Genie motor. The top of the can and the lid have almost a 1/2" of flat sealing area. Did not need to add any foam weather stripping to this, it sealed fine. Next I cut the center of the plastic lid for the motor to fit through. Then I cut a 2 1/2" hole next to the motor opening. (Don't try it in the side!! The bag will cover it up! LOL Almost did that! )

I then marked the lid and applied some "peel and stick" 3/4" wide weather stripping to help seal the motor housing. It just sits there fine, no leaks and no need to latch it down.

I then gave it a try and the container would not hold up to a full pull on the vacuum. Figured that may happen. I made up 2 aluminum bands to fit inside the can to stiffen it up and added a vent pipe of 3/4" PVC pipe to aid in pulling the full bag.

Gave it a try and it ALMOST held. Then it just folded in, taking my aluminum bands with it. Crap!!

Off to the metal yard for some 1" by 1/8" steel flat stock. I slowly worked it in the vise until I had a nice circle. I then worked it down inside the trash can and maked it and cut off the extra. I ended up making two of them, one down lower and one up higher. I may make one for the middle area too, but for now, it works great! No more collapse!

I then put the bag in, put the tomato plant basket inside, put the lid on, put the motor housing on and gave it a try. I transfered a full bag of shaper sawdust into the new canister.

It filled to the top and never collapsed the new trash can.

I then pulled the motor and lid, then grabbed the tomato plant doo-dad and lifted it out. I set the wire basket aside, burped the bag, mashed down the sawdust and sucked up another half bag! When it was totally full, I pulled the lid, folded the bag over, tied it off and pulled it right out. No fuss, no muss.


I then mounted the can to my old mobile base that I had made and called it done! Works like a dream!

And here is the finished product! And yes, that IS a car muffler on top of the vac. motor. It kills off the high pitched whine that this thing puts out.
Total cost was under $35 including the new can and lid and steel.

Now you can buy the smallest shop vac and just use the motor and hose, saving a bundle on buying the biggest model, which now days is maybe a 5 gallon canister! Or if you are like me, if you see one that works good at a yard sale, grab it up!

Bingo bango,,,,the best shop vac modification you can do to make your life CLEANER and easier!!